The core of architectural design is the human being. We design so life can thrive.

The start of architectural design was given by one basic need: shelter, be it from elements or from predators. In time further function was added. Though it came much later, comfort almost took over.
Today's society is a completely different one. The basic needs of the "modern" world now include communication, mobility and versatility. Mainstream architecture has still to catch up with the change.
My view on ideal architecture includes next to the economic, urban, social and historical factors, the thriving qualities of the space to be used for the life of the people to use it.

Fuel: Coffee

Drive: Creating

First love: AutoCad

Best friend: Photoshop

School: TU/e & Ion Mincu

Playing with: Architecture, photography, event covering, content creating, product design

Challenges: Great ways to learn

Present time challengers: JavaScript and video editing

X-ray vision: Spotting flaws in floor plan fluidity

Languages: English (second nature), Romanian (mother tongue), Dutch (getting there), Italian & French (just out of practice)

Mood: Serious, happy and quirky!

Relations: Now there's two SciFi nerds in the house!

Revista Atelierul, Dutch Design Week & Content Creating

Having played with creating content for blogs and with my background in design, "Revista Atelierul" was an obvious step for me. It was all familiar ground, just with a bigger audience. What I did not expect, was the thrill and enjoyment of covering events. So far, the biggest event on the list is Dutch Design Week.

Covering events, as DDW, and collaborating with events, such as Open Monumentendag, have opened ideas and possibilities and even the desire to create events of similar scale.

Open Monumentendag Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city of conflicts. On one side there is the tourist zone, hated with a vengeance by most residents of the Netherlands. While on the other side there are beautiful, cosy neighbourhoods built in the style of the Amsterdamse School.

With each year that I participate to the Open Monumentendag I keep discovering hidden gems of a city that, at first, I misunderstood.
It is just like being in a candy store!