Relocation of the Casandra Studio in collaboration with the Center of Cultural Events ArCub Bucharest
Bucharest, the Romania

The city is the place where life is being played, while the theatre is the place where life is being seen, admired, criticized, enjoyed or hated in its artistic shape.
This project represents the bonding of the two worlds. The teaching side of any educational institution, seen more in the traditional spirit of the hall, created in a classical Italian style to best suit the learning process. However, as this is a facility for students, there must also be a dynamicity to it.

Seen trough the eyes of the teachers from the Theatre and Movie Academy, the new theatre has to respect the rules of the classical Italian theatre in order for the students to learn first how "to walk and then how to run". For ArCub (a well established cultural centre) the collaboration allows the increase of the existing capacity of classical theatre as well as broadening their horizon to new cultural options. The cooperation goes deeper as the older of the two, ArCub, can provide the wisdom of experience to the newer students of the Studio Casandra. In return the students bring new life and new ideas into the mix.