Centre for Promotion of Science
Belgrade, Serbia

The building represents a bridge for the future. In essence it is a representation of the future in the present, a network of ideas, a space of creation, a meeting point and a landmark.
It is a network of ideas due to the variation of function of the spaces presented in the building from the strictly professional spaces to the social meeting points allowing a large variation of creation environments. The meeting point is necessary due to the larger number of ensembles and functions, the position of the plot in the infrastructure of the city and the social implications of the required architecture to aid the enrichment of the city of Belgrade.

The main attraction of the centre, that also intrigues the visitor from a distance, are the three shuttle routes that cross trough the entire site of the building connecting major points of interest. These are working as dynamic elements of the facade as well as informational and touristic guides of the centre. During the trip, the visitor gets to observe the centre from different angles, discover all its attractions and learn about it and its technological projects though audio and visual projections. The shuttles have one main stop at the entrance of the pedestrian passage. Each one connects on a different level with a different important function of the centre