Evolo - Floating Docks

One of the clear measurable effects of the global worming is the melting of the polar ice and subsequently the rise of the sea levels. The rise of the water levels threatens the various coastal regions around the world which hold not only some of the largest population centres but also the key to the economy of the world.
The economy of the world is dependant on maritime transport for the affordable and efficient distribution of manufactured goods. This transport is done using mega tankers and cargo vessels such as Panamax and the Post-Panamax classes. The system of trade by sea has however one major flaw, namely the harbours which by their vary nature require direct access to the sea and are thus always located in the coastal regions currently threatened by global warming and the rise of the water levels.

It is estimated that in the next few decades the current man made defences will be severely stretched if not completely overcome, making cargo ports such as Shanghai, Rotterdam, New York, Singapore and others unholdable. Simply packing and moving the ports on the newly formed coastal lines might prove to be overly costly and simply inefficient, for one would need to repeat the action as many times as the coast lines would change. Not to mention that, due to their sizes, the cargo vessels require certain water depths and large amounts of space and manoeuvrability.
My solution is to use the enemy of the coast lines, the water, as the main ally. By using the simple principle of buoyancy, where according to the laws of physics any mass can be kept afloat if the mass is distributed over a big enough surface of area, the proposal is to move the docks on to the sea itself.