"What we need is continuity . . . historic preservation is not sentimentality but a psychological necessity. We must learn to cherish history and to preserve worthy old buildings . . . we must learn how to preserve them, not as pathetic museum pieces, but by giving them new uses."

Ada Louise Huxtable
- Lessons In Healing the City's Scars -

The function of the new space is based on two main ideas:
1. To revive the spirit and the economy of Maastricht, a city stuck in a "historical city" role.
As an architect I have no power in creating jobs or investing financial capital. What I do have, is the power to design elements of interest, that in time will attract other elements of interest. Therefore the goal was to create a function, new to Maastricht, but to preserve the spirit that created the city.
2. To to create symbiosis by designing a place of peace, where the main players of the area can coexist in a productive way. The main players are: the residents of the area, the city of Maastricht and the University of Maastricht and all of them have laid strong requests for the development of the terrain.

Light Therapy Park
Maastricht, the Netherlands

The purpose of the Light Therapy Park is to research and to apply medical therapies which use light. The complex is open and allows people to enter the terrain from any point. Depending on the specific function of a building, the levels of access can go from completely restrictive to completely public.
The park contains a number of specific spaces: research facilities, offices, conference halls, hotels, informational buildings, therapy and hospital areas and a large amount of green spaces.